7 great queer apps you should download now

From sexual health information and safety guidance for travel, to better dating resources and archival GCN access, these queer apps are a must-have.

Man looking at an iPhone with his hand resting on a desk. These are the best queer apps.
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Wondering how to live your best queer life in 2022? Look no further.

These tech-savvy creators have developed the LGBTQ+ apps our community needs.

From dating to travelling, these are resources we can use for safety as queer people in the world.

With hundreds of different apps available, we’ve scoured the internet to pick out seven of the best.


iKnow. One of the queer apps.

Ever been extremely overwhelmed by confusing medical jargon? Yeah, us too.

“Many people find themselves confronted with obstacles and barriers when trying to access information on sexual health,” writes Jason Doyle in an article with GCN.

He continues, “it is through these conversations and my own poor experience with sexual health some years ago that led me to take the plunge in focusing on developing a mobile app, iKnow“.

After two years of independent development, Doyle created iKnow to break down barriers people may face in accessing sexual health information that is clear, easy and inclusive. Available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish, this download is an absolute must.


GeoSure. One of the queer apps.

Travelling as an LGBTQ+ person can feel extremely daunting. That is why the go-to traveller safety app GeoSure has expanded its service and added a much-needed LGBTQ+ category. The service provides an “LGBTQ+ safety rating” for over 30,000 neighbourhoods around the world.

These ratings can help queer travellers get a realistic sense of how safe it is to be open about their sexuality and gender identity in different parts of the world they wish to explore.

The company defines the rating as the “likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at the location” and uses sources like the CDC, the FBI, Interpol, and crime stats on a region, country, and local level to collect this data. 

We can’t wait for the day that the whole world is LGBTQ+ friendly, but until then, you can use GeoSure to feel better informed about your travel plans.


And speaking of travelling, finding the best LGBTQ+ hotspots is always easier with the help of a local, and travel is more comfortable when you know your accommodation will be discrimination-free. Misterb&b helps you experience a more welcoming world.

From private rooms and apartments to LGBTQ+ friendly hotels, you have the option to stay in the heart of LGBTQ+ districts as well as other neighbourhoods in the places you visit. You can also activate the connection option on your profile and connect with other misterb&b travellers at your destination city or hotel!



This app helps users train their voices to sound more feminine or masculine (respectively). Eva (Exceptional Voice App) was developed by speech pathologist Kathe Perez, who works exclusively with members of the Trans community. The team at Eva understands how difficult it is to change your voice; that’s why they have developed this unique interactive coaching program.

In the app, Eva guides you step-by-step through a series of lessons and courses. Eva’s real-time voice analysis tools provide instant visual feedback for you to immediately know if you’re on target with all the elements that you need to train your voice: breath flow, pitch, resonance and more.

“We can all talk. We do it every day. But sometimes the voice that comes out isn’t an accurate reflection of who we really are. That’s where I come in. As a certified speech pathologist, I’ve worked with thousands of people to help them discover the voice they were meant to have,” said Perez.



Joining the rank of some of the best queer apps is Her, the largest LGBTQ+ women-centric app. With more than 8 million current users, the pond is big and the number of fish is evergrowing. In 2018, the app was rebranded to become more welcoming to Trans and non-binary folks.

Though it functions similar to Tinder, this app is more than just a dating platform. The team at Her aims to create a sense of community for LGBTQ+ women; there are a range of niche messaging boards and branded parties and socials in major cities. Friendly, fun, and safe are the ingredients that make for the best LGBTQ+ apps, and Her has all of them!

Safe Date

Whether you’re using Tindr, Grindr, or HER- safety always comes first. This is where Safe Date comes in. Just add your date plans into the app, privately choose your ‘Safe Mates’ (friends or family members) from your contacts, and set a safe time to check in after your date finishes.


GCN. One of the queer apps.

If you don’t already have it, now’s the time to download GCN’s very own app to get Ireland’s longest-running LGBTQ+ magazine in your pocket for FREE! Since 1988, GCN (Gay Community News) has been reporting the most historic moments in Irish LGBTQ+ history including decriminalisation, the marriage referendum, and gender recognition. Browse the archive and get GCN delivered to your phone monthly, before anyone else.

These days, with technology ruling our universe, let’s harness it to our own advantage by downloading these awesome and resourceful queer apps.

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