9 Year-Old's Angry Letter To Congress Demands Same-Sex Marriage


A 9 year-old girl wrote a letter to US Congress demanding that same-sex marriage reach all 50 states, Buzzfeed reports.


Maggie, a politically conscious third grader from Texas, made a vow for Lent. Instead of giving up chocolate, or fighting with her siblings – she decided to write one letter per week to a politician about a social injustice that she was passionate about rectifying.

She wrote an extremely passive aggressive letter to the United States Congress about LGBT rights.



“Dear Congress,

Would you like it if someone wouldn’t let you get married to a person you loved of your own gender? No. So why are you not letting people do that? That needs to change, and it needs to change now. Would you rather me send letters all year? Or you listen the first time? Your choice.




Right on, Maggie! Way to throw some serious shade, BTW.

Needless to say, her parents couldn’t be prouder. Maggie’s Dad told Buzzfeed, “What is surprising to us is the forceful language she chose. She clearly has very strong views about right and wrong, fairness and injustice. And, as she has learned by age 9, sometimes assertive actions are what is needed.

“She also wrote in a paper for school that she wanted to advocate for LGBT rights. So, her decision to write a letter concerning LGBT rights is quite pleasing, but not out of the ordinary for her.”

She also says that her lifetime goal is to meet President Barack Obama in the flesh, but we think Maggie is set to have a promising career in politics.


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