Watch: Dads Read Children's Book 'I Think I'm A Poof'

Straight Australian dads have been rounded up by author, Samuel Leighton-Dore, to read aloud from his adult children’s book ‘I Think I’m A Poof’.


A satirical play on usual children’s book themes, the book I Think I’m A Poof tells the story of a small boy telling his father that he thinks he is gay. His dad responds by telling him that he will be wonderful and dress well and have a wonderful house while his may be bullies will have mediocre lives.

“One of the fathers is my own, and the others are those of friends,” he told Gay Star News. “It was really touching to watch them all open up and discuss something so personal.”

Leighton Dore, a relationship columnist, asked his dad, and the dads of his friends, to read the book aloud in this video and then speak about their children.

“My choice of language wasn’t to provoke or polarize, but rather to deflate these everyday insults of their crushing power on children,” he said.

It’s super sweet and shows how wonderful and supportive these dads are, no matter what.

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