Activists Do Stand Up Comedy For Charity


Activists do stand up comedy for charity on Monday, March 24 in Whelan’s, Dublin.

Activists from around the country are hitting the Stand Up for Humanity comedy stage and performing for a live Whelan’s audience. These activists are aiming to make the audience laugh over real issues, such as corporate capitalism, gay rights, police brutality, pro choice politics, water fluoridation, professional protesting, sovereignty, disability, and more.
The activists may be comedy first-timers, but they’re not being thrown completely unprepared into the ring. They’ll have spent the previous weekend being trained for stand-up by the revolutionary comedian, Aidan Killian, and spoken-word genius, Dave Rock.

Join these brave warriors of laughter as they put their egos on the line to speak their truths through humour. Prepare yourself for passion, fun and laughter with soul, from people who give a shit.All proceeds go to The Caoimh Connolly Trust – providing therapy and care for an intensely autistic ten-year-old boy from Dublin.


The participants are:

  • Adrienne Murphy: (Hot Press journalist and autism activist)
  • Rachel Mathews Mc Kay(Gay Rights)
  • Thomas Sheridan (Artist and author of Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath)
  • Aisling C FitzGibbon, aka The Girl Against Fluoride 
  • Kevin Flanagan / Tír Na Saor – Land of the Free (Law + Freedom).
  • Tony Rochford (Hunger Strike)
  • Cathie Doherty (Pro-choice activist)
  • Gerry Bourke (Corrib Local Farmer)
  • Uisce (Police brutality)

For more information, visit Stand Up For Humanity on Facebook.

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