All Stars 5 is on the way and these are the rumoured queens

Is it too early for a brand new season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars? Yes, it is! But are we gonna watch anyway? Of course, we will!

all stars

Yeap, you read it right! Season 11 has just ended, All Stars 4 hasn’t even rested in peace and we already have very strong rumours of a brand new season of All Stars.

We know gurl… we all remember the real TEA that was served last season. The sickening, gagging and controversial All Stars 4. It might be a short while since the last one, but let’s be honest: We all are going to watch it, hate it and love it either way. Life is too short, the queens needs to cash those dollars!!!

The show is going to the 5th season and we are so looking forward to it! Nothing has been officially confirmed by the show, this is completely rumoured and based on Reddit speculation and we know that they work for FBI (Fabulous Bitches Investigation) so it has to be true.

So… who are the rumoured queens coming back to the show for the second (and some for the third) time? Check it out below:

Shea Coulee (Season 9)

Original placement: 3rd/4th

Challenges won: 4

Evidence: Cancelled all her performances in June and was absent on social media


Mayhem Miller (Season 10)

Original Placement: 10th, 1st (Holi-Slay Spectacular)

Challenges Won: 1

Evidence: Season 11 alum A’Keria C. Davenport replaced Mayhem for a gig, and she was also absent on social media


Miz Cracker (Season 10)

Original placement: 5th

Challenges won: 1

Evidence: Cracker cancelled her entire Australia tour and went absent on social media


Jujubee (Season 2 and All Stars 1)

Original Placement: 3rd (Season 2), 3rd/4th (All Stars 1)

Challenges Won: 0

Evidence: Jujubee rescheduled all her June performances to July and was also absent on social media


Mariah (Season 3)

Original Placement: 9th

Challenges Won: 0

Evidence: Mariah didn’t turn up for her usual weekly performances and didn’t appear on her podcast with Morgan McMichaels – also absent on social media


India Ferrah (Season 3)

Original Placement: 10th

Challenges Won: 0

Evidence: India missed performances on 8th, 9th, 11th and 13th June, also absent on social media.


Alexis Mateo (Season 3 and All Stars 1)

Original Placement: 3rd (Season 3), 5th/6th (All Stars 1)

Challenges Won: 3

Evidence: She was replaced for several gigs and also absent on social media


Derrick Barry (Season 8)

Original placement: 5th

Challenges won: 1

Evidence: Cancelled all her performances in June and was absent on social media


Blair St. Clair (Season 10)

Original Placement: 9th

Challenges Won: 0

Evidence: Blair cancelled her gigs from June until mid-July, which makes sense considering All Stars is usually filmed in summer


Ongina (Season 1)

Original Placement: 5th

Challenges Won: 2

Evidence: Cancelled a gig in June and was absent on social media. 


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