WATCH: Trailer For Alyssa Edwards' New Netflix Show 'Dancing Queen'

One of the most beloved Drag Race queens gets her very own reality show coming your way this October.

Drag queen Alyssa Edwards wears a huge wig and glittering dress

It was only a matter of time. Drag Race alumni Alyssa Edwards will join Katya and Trixie, and Courtney Act by getting her very own show. Leave it to Miss Edwards to go one step further though, as unlike the others, her show is all about HER.

Streaming giant Netflix welcomes the Dancing Queen this October in a show which looks at Alyssa’s life as a drag queen and the owner of Beyond Belief Dancing Company in Texas. Described as “The queen you know. The stories you don’t”, the trailer has a pinch of RuPaul’s Drag Race mixed in with a dollop of Dance Moms and a huge helping of Alyssa’s Secret. 

The show promises to tell a little more about Justin DeWayne Lee Johnson, the man behind one of the most endearing queens ever to grace the screen. All glitter and glam aside, there are hints at darker events, with Justin confronting someone and asking “Why did you tell me that my life was an abomination?”

As if Alyssa wasn’t enough, there’s a couple of familiar faces from the Haus of Edwards added to the mix. Shangela makes a grand entrance, while eagle eyed viewers will spot Laganja Estranja in a quick clip.

Wicked Dublin MPU

While anyone with an ounce of taste is over the moon about this news, the Netflix Facebook page was subject to the usual homophobic statements from ignorant idiots who refuse to allow anyone else who doesn’t have the exact same mindset as them to have one bloody show.

Luckily, whoever is currently moderating the Facebook page is giving some very appropriate levels of sass for an Alyssa fan.

Maybe it’s Edwards herself replying? Oh no, she’s got better things to do than put up with idiots.

So batten down the hatches, drag fans, storm Edwards is due to hit October 5, ready to be binged.

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