Amazon Removes Graphic "Lady Boy Drag" Halloween Costume


Amazon has finally removed a ridiculously offensive “lady boy” halloween costume from it’s store, which include a sequin dress, fake penis, fake breasts and a wig.


The costume, which was manufactured by Orion Costumes and on sale for £28.00, was described as a way to “embarrass a stag or your friends and family with this tastelessly brilliant fancy dress costume.”

Unsurprisingly, it drew a slew of criticism in the review section on the site, from people saying that it was offensive to trans people.


“I assume that a company of your size has an all inclusive policy of respect for all it’s staff, regardless of gender, disability, sexual orientation etc.,” said one Amazon user in a review. “It’s just a pity that it does not apply these standards to it’s products. This sort of rubbish drags Amazon’s name into the gutter.”

After the backlash, Amazon finally removed the costume and released a statement. “All Marketplace sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don’t will be subject to action including potential removal of their account,” said a rep from Amazon UK.

“The product in question is no longer available.”


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