Anti-Trump Protest Today Outside US Embassy In Dublin

An anti-Trump protest, like the one that will happen outside the US embassy tonight

There will be an anti-Trump protest tonight outside the US embassy in Ballsbridge


While protests in the US against Trump following his election as the forty-fifth President of the United States continue to take place, Ireland seeks to make it’s voice heard with an anti-Trump protest scheduled tonight outside the US embassy in Ballsbridge at 6pm.

The protest due to take place later today has been organised by groups who are opposed to racism and war and stand for women’s rights and protecting the earth.

The Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Richard Boyd Barrett spoke about those who are positioning themselves against Trump’s rhetoric.



“They’re all groups who have a reason to fear what Donal Trump represents,” Boyd Barrett said.

“[The US is] the biggest, most powerful state in the world and he threatens literally world peace, to create conflict, he threatens the entire planet in terms of climate change and this gives confidence to the far-right all over the world in a very dangerous way.”

The AAA TD expressed his fear that Trump’s election to one of the biggest political stages in the world will lend credence to openly fascist, neo-nazi groups which exist in Europe.

“These are the absolute worst and most frightening elements and it’s vital we stand up against it,” Boyd Barrett said.


Right-Wing Ireland

News of this protest comes as a new Irish right-wing political group planned to launch today in the Merrion Hotel.

In a press release the National Party explained it’s views on immigration:

“That one party, loyal to the Republic and a sovereign people, dedicated to unity by consent, that one party committed to real and sustainable economic growth, that one party which will speak for the great silent majority who have seen the beginnings of ‘multi-culturism’ with growing dismay, that one party who will represent that so basic of equalities, the equal right to be alive, that party is the National Party.”

However, the Merrion cancelled the event yesterday which would have seen the launch of the National Party at 3pm today.

The Journal report it is “unlikely” that the Merrion Hotel were aware of the nature of the event.

The National Party said that the hotel’s decision was “frankly inexplicable”.

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