Apprentice Star Tells of Past Homophobic Attack


The Apprentice contestant Sanjay Sood-Smith has revealed in an interview that he was the victim of a homophobic attack while in university.


Sood-Smith, who was voted off last night’s episode, told that he was headbutted by a man who took issue with his sexuality:

“I remember one guy at my university not taking kindly to it when he found out I was gay and he head-butted me in the face.”

Sood-Smith also spoke of his bullying at the hands of fellow students in primary school.

“I was also bullied quite badly at my primary school to the point where my parents had to intervene and I ended up leaving there two years early because I would often get in the car after school and burst into tears. […] As an eight year old, having the nickname ‘Sad-gay Sod-Smith’  chanted at you all day, every day, really was very distressing.”

Though he has admitted that, luckily, he hasn’t received any homophobic taunts in his workplace since coming out.

“For me that was amazing because it allowed me to be completely myself at work as there were so many other gay people there too and I just got used to it.  I haven’t really looked back and have been open about my sexuality through all stages of my career since.”

However, Sood-Smith revealed that he has received some homophobic abuse on Twitter:

“[…] there’s certainly been homophobic abuse on Twitter, towards and about me, which is never nice to see but my skin has certainly grown thicker.”

Sanjay Sood-Smith was ‘fired’ from The Apprentice, along with Katie Bulmer-Cooke, in last night’s episode.

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