Ashers Bakery Owners Ask For Prayers

Someone praying in a dark church, just like the ashers bakery owners ask for prayers

After losing their appeal the owners of Ashers Bakery “do not feel defeated” but they are asking for support in the form of prayer


Following the Ashers Bakery unsuccessful appeal of the court’s decision that they unlawfully refused to bake a ‘gay cake’ the couple are requesting that they be kept in people’s prayers.

The McArthur family are undecided as to whether they will take further legal action after the ruling against their appeal in October of this year.

The Belfast Telegraph reported that Daniel McArthur wrote a letter of thanks to churches that supported him as well as individual supporters.

“It has been our joy to take a small stand for Christ and to have opportunities to witness for Him in the public spotlight, and we have many people to thank for how they have been an encouragement to us,” McArthur said.


Media Responses

Following the appeal’s verdict, media outlets across the world have been weighing in on what the court’s decision means for equality, anti-discrimination and free speech.

Many publications have condemned the ruling which could be used as a precedent to force businesses to propagate hateful materials.

The McArthurs, however, are confident that the ruling is part of God’s plan.

“Above all, we give God thanks for how He has brought us through all our difficulties and spread his wings over us. Despite the judgement delivered last week, we do not feel defeated or dismayed.”

“We believe that this judgement is part of God’s will and through it He will bring glory to Himself. We take comfort in knowing that our God is sovereign and rules over all the earth.

“Please continue to pray for us as we look to God for guidance in response to this judgement. ‘As I have planned, so shall it be’ Isaiah 14 v 24,” wrote McArthur.


The Christian Institute

The Christian Institute had financially backed the McArthurs in their case and appeal which has cost more than £200,000 to date.

“It has been an inspirational privilege to stand with Daniel and his family in this fundamentally important matter as they consider the implications of the recent decision and options which they may now have in the future,” Simon Calvert, a spokesperson for The Christian Institute said.

“We promised that through The Christian Institute’s Legal Defence Fund we would stand with the family through this costly battle, and we will continue to do so.

“It has cost over £200,000 so far to defend the legal action brought against them by the Equality Commission,” he said.

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