Oz Overturns Marriage Law

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Today, Australia’s highest court overturned a recent landmark bill allowing same-sex marriage in Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT).


More than two dozen newlyweds will have their marriages declared invalid after Australian lawmakers reversed legislation passed on December 7 that allowed same-sex couples to marry in Canberra and the surrounding area.

The federal government argued the law could not coincide with the federal Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

The court issued a statement following the decision, saying, “The Marriage Act does not now provide for the formation or recognition of marriage between same-sex couples.

“The Marriage Act provides that a marriage can be solemnised in Australia only between a man and a woman. That Act is a comprehensive and exhaustive statement of the law of marriage.”

Ivan Hinton, who had married his partner on Saturday, said, “In less than a week we’ve been married and we’ve been unmarried, at least on a legal level. We’re still married, I’ve made commitments to Chris to spend the rest of my life with him.”

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomed the decision, saying, “Marriage between a man and a woman is good for society and beneficial for governments to uphold in legislation.”

The reversal is said to be a huge setback in the decade long fight for marriage equality in Australia.

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