Azealia Banks Ditched From UK Festival Over Homophobic & Racist Comments

Azelia banks goes on a twitter tirade against Zayn malik which she then takes to live streaming app Periscope

Azealia Banks is in trouble again for calling Zayn Malik a series of homophobic and racist slurs.

Controversial singer Azealia Banks has been dropped from UK music festival, Rinse | Born & Bred, scheduled for June this year over her comments on Zayn Malik.

Calling the former One Direction member a slew of hateful slurs including “paki faggot dick rider”, Banks continues to alienate large demographics of her potential fans.


Azealia Banks' tweet calling zayn Malik a faggot


The singer who identifies as bisexual believes using slurs such as faggot are acceptable, reasoning that if gay men can use the word bitch, then she should be able to use faggot.


Azalea banks tweet calling zayn malik a sand nigga


Continuing her offensive tirade on Twitter, Azealia called Malik a “curry scented bitch” as well as a “sand nigger”. The US artist appears to be a Donald Trump supporter too, with one tweet saying “#TRUMP2016”.

A fourteen year old girl who stood up for Zayn on Twitter was attacked by Azealia who advised that she start her menses and get some plastic surgery before she becomes a proper “Instagram thot girly”.


Azelia banks' tweet saying zayn malik is her fan boy and showing images of zayn and azealia in similar poses


Azealia banks has not had a successful song in four years needs to check her hateful, bigoted speech. There are calls on Twitter for her account to removed.

Banks had taken to Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming app to continue slating Zayn, but the stream has been taken down due to its extremely offensive nature.


Azealia banks live periscope broadcast no longer available


If Azealia Banks were Irish, she’d definitely be introduced to the wooden spoon right about now!


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