Get to know the beefy winners of this year's Bingham Cup

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Get a load of the hunks in the scrum at this year’s gay rugby world cup!


The Bingham Cup, the world cup of the gay rugby world, took place in Nashville Tennessee last weekend. 48 gay and inclusive teams from 27 countries took part, and after a long hard slog the Melbourne Chargers emerged as the winners.


And winners they certainly are. Ben Lancken the founding member of the club said he couldn’t be more proud of the team. “This isn’t my moment, it’s theirs,” he told the Star Observer.



The Chargers are members of International Gay Rugby. an organisation dedicated to advancing and supporting gay rugby teams world wide.



In order to raise funds for the trip across the water the lads got their kits off for a fundraiser.



Congratulations guys!

Watch the highlights below.


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