Benjy the 'Gay Bull' Might be Bisexual

benjy the gay bull

Benjy the bull, whose story went viral last year, is believed to be bisexual after being caught with a cow.


Benjy the bull – an Irish bull who was going to be put down because he wouldn’t breed – is suspected to be bisexual after he was caught frolicking with a cow at the animal sanctuary in which he lives.

John Watson of the Hillside Animal Sanctuary has told GayStarNews that Benjy initially approached a male calf, and they all thought that young love would blossom.

“When he got here he went nose to nose with a male calf, and everyone said it was his first kiss,” said Watson of his arrival.


Last November, Benjy’s owner – an anonymous farmer based in Co Mayo – admitted that he would have to slaughter his breeding bull due to the bull’s disinterest in the heifers on the farm.

After the story went viral, fundraisers raised money to cover Benjy’s expenses while the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Britain offered to take him in. Sam Simon – the late Simpsons producer – donated money to the cause.

However, there is another side to this story that we wouldn’t have expected.

“He has gone out to grass with quite a lot of other cows and Wendy said he was looking quite happy with a female cow,” Watson said.

Due to his Casanova-like ways, Benjy has been castrated as “we couldn’t take the risk he would impregnate all our female cows.”

What a player.

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