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Spartacus Vengeance

The best of Monday night’s TV to cure the post-Christmas fatigue.


The Simpsons, Channel 4, 18:30 The Regina Monologues.

JK Rowling guest stars.

A whole host of luminaries like Tony Blair (“I can’t believe we met Mister Bean!”), JK Rowling and even Ian McKellen lend their vocal talents to welcome the Simpson family’s arrival in Blighty, where Bart and Lisa over-indulge on chocolate and Homer rear-ends the Queen’s horse-drawn carriage before being locked up in the Tower of London (Or LonD’ohn, if you prefer a helping of terrible pun with your TV criticism.) Best moment: Either the My Fair Lady parody where two uptight toffs unexpectedly kiss (“I love you, Lord Daftwager!”) or the moment Lisa encounters JK Rowling outside a bookshop.

One of the funniest episodes of the much beloved cartoon and it’s from the fifteenth season. Beat that, Generic Seth McFarlane Animated Show No.561!



Secrets of the Living Dolls, Channel 4, 22:00 

Documentary exploring the hitherto uncelebrated world of ‘female masking’, where men strive to become their own fantasy woman by wearing elaborate rubber suits. The docu follows California-based pensioner Robert as he prepares to appear as ‘Sherry’ in public for the first time, while British bartender Joel (pictured) plans to reveal latex alter-ego ‘Jessie’ to his family and friends. Perfect Monday night viewing.


Spartacus: Vengeance, Sky 1, 23:10 and 00:25

A delicious double helping of one of the best and – sadly – most underrated shows of the past few years. A meaty historical heart beats at the heart of Spartacus and with superb acting and exquisite plotting (not to mention more than a few aesthetically-pleasing subligaria-sporting hotties) it’s a supremely worthy TV experience. One piece of advice? Watch from the first season and bask in the hammy evil of Lanista John Hanna (Batiatus) and Lady Macbeth-y wife Lucy Lawless (Lucretia).

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