Big Brother's Best LGBT Moments

big brother

Big Brother has returned to our screens, a mere 15 years after its debut.

In celebration, we thought it was time to immortalise some of the best LGBT moments in the entire Big Brother back catalogue. Some of the footage is hilariously outdated, this was even before Youtube. The horror!


Brian: “Who’s the bitch in the kitchen? *gasp* It’s Josh!”
Though we couldn’t get our hands on that infamous clip, we were able to find a clip of him hiding Bubble’s hats.

Anna Nolan, the gay ex-nun, was a hit with Big Brother audiences so here is her entire time because she’s awesome.

And check out her lovely Yes Equality video:

Nadia was the first trans contestant to win Big Brother and she was so ridiculously entertaining, it isn’t hard to see why she won. In this clip, she really wants cigarettes.

It’s Fight Night on Big Brother – it was so bad that security was brought in and some viewers even called the police.

Brian shouting “BUBBLE, HOLD ME” during the dancing challenge. big brother

Craig is definitely masturbating – probably over Anthony. *shudder*

Rodrigo ‘meets’ the Queen but it’s not the Queen and he can’t tell the difference.

Mark squeals when he sees a spider next to his face, Chris kills it for him – ah, true love…

Marco gets stripped and locked in the diary room by Michelle and Nadia.

big brother

Brian stubs his toe in Ultimate Big Brother – it’s wonderful.

Luke tries to explain what being a trans man means – everyone is confused.

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