Bishop Causes Furore After Saying Contraception Led Irish People To Vote For Same-Sex Marriage

Minister for Health Simon Harris was just one of a number of TD's and Senators emphasising the need for the church to play no role in the drawing up of Government policy following Bishop Kevin Doran's comments regarding same-sex marriage and contraception.

Image of Bishop Kevin Doran who has stirred fresh Church and State Debate with Contraception comments

An Irish Bishop has caused outrage and has reinforced a discussion around the need for a separation of church and state after making comments implying that contraception impinges upon the “dignity of women”. He also said that the “contraceptive mentality” in society was linked to the “surprisingly high number ” of people in favour of same-sex marriage.

“If the act of love can be separated from its procreative purpose, then it’s also very difficult to explain why marriage needs to be between a man and a woman,” Bishop Kevin Doran said.

“There is a very direct connection between the contraceptive mentality and the surprisingly high number of people who seem ready to redefine marriage today as a relationship between two people without distinction as to sex.”

During his address, Bishop Doran also said that the Catholic Church’s teachings “undoubtedly” have a place in school’s sex education curriculum.

“There is undoubtedly a place in schools for an appropriate presentation of the church’s teachings on human sexuality. I think we have, again, problems to address there. Not least, having a very good quality, Catholic-inspired programme for relationship and sexuality.”

To this, Senator Catherine Noone, former chair of the parliamentary committee on abortion said:

“Long overdue that the Catholic Church is kept out of sex education-the ‘Principles of Humanae Vitae’-how about some empathy and basic common sense for people’s daily realities and struggles. We are in the process of bringing sex education into 21st Century and will not be deterred.”

Minister for Health Simon Harris took to Twitter to respond to the article, reiterating that contraception will remain state-driven initiative and that religion will not play a role in determining Ireland’s health and social policy anymore.

“Please just make it stop! Increasing access to & availability of contraception is and will remain public health policy. Religion plays an important role for many on an individual basis – but it will not determine health and social policy in our country any more. Please get that.”

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