Blindfolded Woman Discovers Boyfriend of 2 Years Is Female Friend


A 25 year-old woman is on trial in the UK for sexual assault against her female friend using a prosthetic penis – after allegedly posing as a man she met on Facebook.


The alleged victim is taking her friend, Gayle Newland (pictured), to court after she claimed Newland posed as a man and tricked her into having sex, using a swimsuit and strap-on prosthetic penis to conceal her identity.

According to the complainant, she met a man called “Kye Fortune” on Facebook and the two quickly struck up a friendship. She says that “Kye” was recovering from a brain tumour, was covered in scars and was suffering from from nerve damage. As he was quite self conscious about his appearance, he asked if she could wear a blindfold when they met.

“Everytime we met I had a mask and scarf on,” she told the court. The couple engaged in a sexual relationship until June 2013, when the alleged victim took off her scarf after sensing something “wasn’t right” and saw her friend in a swimsuit, wooly hat and a strap-on penis.

Gayle Newland claims that the fictional persona of “Kye Fortune” was a shared, consensual fantasy between the two women.

The victim denied this claim, saying, “Everything I have said is true, I was christened a Roman Catholic that’s why I swore my oath on the bible.

“If I thought Kye was a girl, whether it was Gayle or anyone else, I would not have continued seeing him.

“I don’t feel like I need to hide anything about my sexuality. I have nothing against homosexual people, but I have been heterosexual since I was a little girl.”

The trial is ongoing.




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