Bob Geldof Dismisses Trans Rights

Bob Geldof speaking in TCD about transgender bathroom rights

Bob Geldof told students to stop “banging on about transgender toilets”


Musician and activist Bob Geldof told an audience of students that trans bathroom rights are far from top priority.

Bob Geldof spoke in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) to an audience of approximately 100 people from the Law Society.

Geldof told his audience that for many people the reality was that they “hadn’t had a pay rise for eight years and you are banging on about transgender toilets.”

Geldof also talked about the current situation following the Brexit vote, stating that if the EU continues on its current path, war seems inevitable.

“If Britain is the loose thread on the EU cardigan and the whole thing unravels, which is what seems to be happening, and every state starts competing, they go to war.”

“Europe desperately needs reform; it is sclerotic, constipated, it needs some laxative to clear it out.”


Failed By Geldof’s Generation

“You guys are inheriting a deeply significant moment. My generation has failed more spectacularly than most – you have Brexit, Trump, the referendum in Italy, le Pen in France,” Geldof said.

Geldof was in TCD to accept the Praeses Elit Award from the Law Society.

Auditor of the Law Society Hilary Hogan cited Geldof’s musical career and his “extraordinary activism on behalf of some of the most impoverished and downtrodden members of society” as influencing factors in his being awarded.


Where’s The Fire?

Geldof continued to make controversial statements, stating that he admired Ukip’s former leader Nigel Farage despite what the Brexit frontman has done to Britain.

Geldof also damned the smartphone, declaring that it was the smartphone which has turned people into “silos of isolated conviction”.

“I can’t stand the lack of radicalism, the lack of fresh thought in colleges… I don’t understand it,” Geldof said, urging people to stop populism with debate.

“Guys! Where’s the fire?”

Geldof’s criticism comes after LGBT advocate TCDSU voted earlier this week to mandate for access to PrEP to be introduced in Ireland. PrEP is a medication which is highly successful at preventing HIV from being acquired when taken once per day.


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