Boston Mayor “Optimistic” about LGBT Parade Inclusion


Boston Mayor Martin J Walsh was upbeat today about the possibility of a solution to the longstanding tension between the LGBT community and parade organisers.


Organisers of the city’s parade – one of the country’s most vibrant due to the the large number of residents claiming Irish ancestry – told LGBT groups at the weekend that they are welcome to march as long as they do not wear clothing or hold signs that refer to sexual orientation, reports

Mayor Walsh met with parade organisers along with US Representative Stephen Lynch, members of equality advocates Mass Equality and the Allied War Veterans Council, which organises the annual event.

Irish-American Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Group of Boston marching in 1993, escorted by riot police

MassEquality’s executive director, Kara S. Coredini, said she was hopeful the group would participate in the parade on March 16.

“At this point, my mind is open, and I’m hopeful we can get to a place where we can end the exclusion,” Coredini said. “This is huge.” She declined to comment on the offer to participate without branded t-shirts or signs, saying instead that the “conversation is ongoing.”

Mayor Walsh, who has said in interviews that he wants to use his position as mayor to end the ban, told reporters: “I’m grateful to both groups for the open mindedness and courage they continue to display as we work through this process.”

“All parties remain optimistic that a solution can be reached to allow for an inclusive celebration.”



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