Charities Regulator Seeks Financial Disclosure From GLEN

A picture of euro notes which is symbolic of the financial questions that the charities regulator is seeking to know about the finances of GLEN

The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network (GLEN) has been directed by the Charities Regulator to disclose three years of financial details, stretching back to 2014.


According to RTÉ News, the Charities Regulator has asked GLEN to provide information including financial reports and the report of an independent auditor.

The Regulator is also seeking details of all credit cards used by board members and staff and any expenditure on them for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Board papers, financial reports and any reports engaged by named accountants, have also been requested.

The direction comes after a voluntary disclosure made by GLEN to the Regulator following a review of its corporate governance procedures.

The LGBT organisation said that it is fully cooperating with the Regulator and will continue to work towards implementing best practice in all areas of governance and fiduciary duty.


Áine Duggan Resigns

The current CEO of the organisation, Áine Duggan, has resigned from her position having fulfilled six months of her contracted probationary period after she “discovered grave issues” at GLEN.

Duggan said that although she might like to, she was not able to “100 per cent” assure that misappropriation had not occurred in the organisation after learning that transactions to the tune of €60,000 were not being reported in accounts presented to the board.

“People got into the habit of doing things and that needed to be corrected,” she said.

According to the outgoing CEO, the practice of keeping certain financial transactions “off the books goes back a decade”.

The Irish Times reported that Kieran Rose, the Co-Chair of GLEN, printed literature for his election campaign to the Seanad last year. Although printing costs were subsequently reimbursed, clarity is now being sought about whether this action qualifies as a violation of rules which limit charities’ involvement in political campaigning.


GLEN Reacts

GLEN has until the end of April to comply with the Regulator’s direction.

In a statement following the report on RTE News, GLEN said that their organisation will work with the regulator in providing financial reports, credit card statements and other details requested.

“This arises from a request to the regulator for guidance following an internal review,” the GLEN statement said.

“The request was made on the instructions of the board, which is fully cooperating with the regulator. The process is ongoing and we will work with the regulator to implement any recommended changes in our procedures.”

Rose has stepped down from his position as Co-Chair of GLEN after it was discovered that materials for his election campaign had been printed at the charity.

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