Check Out This Frisky Friday The 13th Treat From American Horror Story

Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner get it on in hot American Horror Story scene. Who ever said Friday the 13th had to be all bad?

Colton Haynes from the cast of American Horror Story

Friday the 13th has arrived but this time, we’ve got something a little more frisky than freaky to share with you from American Horror Story: Cult.

Out gay actor Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner have an intense sex scene in the latest episode of American Horror Story while Sarah Paulson tries not to be seen by the inter-coital couple.

Before we get any on-screen action, we can hear the springing of a mattress, the panting and groaning of men, and the slapping of skin on skin before the pair are seen on screen.

Haynes’ character is a detective in Cult and Eichner plays Sarah Paulson’s creepy neighbour, making the pair a match that few would have expected.

Haynes teased fans over the scene on Twitter this week when he wrote: “I have a feeling there could possible be some sexual contact between @billyeichner & I on tonight’s Ep”.

Users on Twitter were totally on board with this unlikely pairing, with one user tweeting: “Can we just talk about this scene please?!”

“That sex scene with Colton Haynes was too short,” one irate fan tweeted.

Another marvelled at Hayne’s beauty: “let’s be honest colton haynes is fucking beautiful.”

Reactions to Haynes’ sexual position in the scene were mixed, with one fan saddened that Colton wasn’t topping Eichner: “No!!!! Colton Haynes is a bttm in #AHSCult,” tweeted one devasted fan.

Others seemed unsurprised by Haynes’ position as bottom in the sex scene (let’s knock this one on the head, you can’t tell somebody’s sexual position just be looking at them and bottom shaming ain’t cool) while others still were really into it: “Colton Haynes bottoming for Billy Eichner is everything though.”

Haynes came back to his followers on Twitter after it received heaps of attention, declaring himself “obsessed” with all of his fans.

“I see y’all thirstin over my #AHSCult sex scene with @billyeichner…your responses are hilarious & I’m obsessed with all of you haha.”

Do you want to see more of Haynes and Eichner on screen together?

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