Chelsea Handler Interviewed Gay Soccer Player Robbie Rogers

Chelsea Handler interviewing gay soccer player Robbie Rogers who plays for soccer team LA Galaxy

In her newest episode of Chelsea available on Netflix, Chelsea Handler interviewed gay soccer player Robbie Rogers

During last Friday’s episode of Chelsea, gay soccer player Robbie Rogers was interviewed by Handler, with the talkshow host questioning Robbie on his sexuality and coming out.

“As somebody who came out as a gay athlete does it frustrate you how many people are professional athletes that are closeted?” asked Chelsea.

“Uh yeah I mean it frustrates me,” contends Robbie. “I mean after I initially came out I was like ‘Ok more people will come out’ and um it’s just kind of becoming the norm and there was so much energy and positivity behind it and now its been four years my fourth season and there’s not another gay soccer player in the US.”

This reflects poorly on the state of affairs within US sports, that LGBT members do not feel comfortable enough to come out for fear of hurting their career. In Ireland, GAA members face similar issues with All-Ireland Winner Eamon McGee explaining that the GAA does not foster an inclusive environment since none of the players he has played with have come out.

“I did it because I was extremely unhappy and I wanted to just change my life,” Rogers continues. “It will change eventually, our world is changing and the United States is changing.”

Chelsea interviews gay soccer player Robbie Rogers, LA Galaxy player

However, while countries like Ireland and the US seem to step ever closer to true equality for LGBT members, other countries regress such as Russia with their anti-LGBT laws prohibiting promoting LGBT agendas.

“The next world cup is in Russia right? How do you go their and handle the anti-gay laws they have?”

“In a perfect world it wouldn’t be in Russia, you know we’d boycott or change or you know move somewhere else, but that’s never gonna happen FIFA is just as corrupt […] it’s run by these old, racist, sexist, homophobic dudes that are in charge.”

“I’d have glitter, I’d make sure people knew I was gay so I could be present and people would know. I’d have like a tiara,” declares Rogers, proud to be a visible gay icon in the world of sport. The LGBT community needs more role-models like Rogers who come out and reduce the stigma that is associated with being LGBT and in the public eye and particularly in sports.

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