Chinese Coming Out Short Gets 100 Million Views

Coming Home

A short film of the struggles facing a Chinese man in coming out to his parents has gone viral, generating more than 100 million views.

The film, called Coming Home (‘Huijia’), follows young man Fang Chao as he returns home from university to celebrate New Year 2009 with his family. His mother and father tease him about when he’ll finally bring home a girlfriend to meet them.

A still from the video showing Fang and his family celebrating the New Year

Fang says nothing but after he returns to college, he tells his parents over the phone that he is gay. They take it poorly and reject him. “The son I once knew is dead to me!” says his father. From that point Fang is estranged from his family and has no contact with them for several years.Despite cutting him out of their lives, Fang’s parents miss him desperately and finally, call him and ask him to come home.

As the country celebrates the Year of the Goat 2015, Fang is reunited with his parents.

At the end of the video, which was produced by PFLAG China, some Chinese mothers implore fellow parents of LGBT children to not let “traditional views of marriage get in the way of your kid coming home.”

“Your parents are waiting for you,” one says. “Don’t let your parents’ love be a burden. Have the courage to love truly.”

Fang’s mother tearfully begs her son to return home

The film’s aim, according to PFLAG China co-founder Hu Zhijun, is to alleviate the parental pressure placed on gay people returning home for the New Year’s festivities, by opening up a discussion about homosexuality.

Despite China’s notoriously strict policy of internet censorship the video has generated more than 100 million views on QQ, the Chinese social media site, even though the site had initially refused to put the video on its front page due to its pro-gay message.

After a few days however, it had proved so popular it was moved to the site’s front page, reports the BBC.

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