Clinton Supports Federal Legislation Of Gay Marriage


Hilary Clinton has changed her position on gay marriage, saying that she hopes the Supreme Court will make same-sex marriage a constitutional right, having previously stated that it should legislated on a state-by-state, rather than a federal level.


The announcement came ahead of upcoming appearances in Iowa during her presidential campaign.

A statement delivered by Clinton spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod said: “Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right.”

Last year, Clinton told radio station NPR that legislation of same-sex marriage was a state issue, reports The Guardian.

A screen grab of a gay couple featured in Hilary’s campaign video

“[F]or me, marriage has always been a matter left to the states,” she said told host Terry Gross. “I fully endorse the efforts by activists to work state by state.”

US LGBT activists have welcomed the announcement, as Clinton has dodged all press inquiries on the subject for until now.

Clinton launched her campaign last weekend with a video featuring a diverse range of American citizens – new parents, gay couples, first time business owners – and ends with Clinton declaring that she is going to be a “champion” for “everyday Americans.”

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