Comedian Under Fire For Caitlyn Jenner Comments On Conan


Comedian, Bill Burr, sat down with Conan O’Brien last week and made some pretty questionable comments about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.


While promoting his show at Madison Square Garden, Bill Burr stopped by Conan to have a chat about all kinds of everything. The subject of Caitlyn Jenner came up, and things got a little ropey from there.

“I miss that guy. I miss him already,” Burr joked. “He should have told us. He should have given us a chance to say goodbye. I watched him on the Olympics. I watched him on CHiPS. I watched him on that horrible show my wife watches where he just walks around in the background. Nobody listened to him; it’s just sad.”

Not letting up, Burr continued, “You couldn’t on any level be like, ‘Oh my God, what the eff,’ on any level. You couldn’t say that or you’re automatically homophobic. If you shave your beard off, people are like, ‘Oh, that’s your chin, wow!’ This guy walked out a dude, came back a woman, and you’re just supposed to be like, ‘Oh, yes, so anyways, Caitlyn.'”

Probably knowing that he would get some criticism for the remark, Burr feigned an apology – but still continued to dig a hole for himself.

“I’m not saying that in any bad way – God bless him. God bless her, sorry. They really freak out about the pronouns

“Say, ‘God bless him,’ and they’re like, ‘Her!’ Sorry.”

Viewers are in mixed minds about the remarks. Some are deeply offended by his inconsiderate remarks – while others are lauding him for his take on political correctness gone awry.


What do you think?

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