Comedy YouTube skit highlights the dangers of GHB

YouTuber Michael Henry uses comedy to say some really powerful things about a drug which has become commonplace on the gay scene.

Three friends in a park chat while sitting at a picnic table

A clip from popular YouTube comedian Michael Henry has used humour as a way to highlight the dangers of GHB and its popularity on the gay scene. The video shows the power of comedy to discuss certain issues which would be controversial to speak about otherwise.

For those not familiar with the fantastic Michael Henry, he has used a similar style to discuss issues such as the loneliness of the gay scene, pretty privilege and sexual health, amongst other things. His videos which discuss the cliches of gay stereotyping manage to be pretty hilarious while slyly making some serious points along the way.

In his latest YouTube video, three friends talk about one character’s use of GHB, more commonly known as G, and the dangers involved. The gang are arranging to go to a club when one of them announces his intentions to use G. It’s not long before his friends remind him that G is also used as a date rape drug.

As he brushes that fact off, his friends then ask are there any risks associated with taking the drug. The G user lightheartedly replies:

“If you drink too much of it – dead. If you mix it with alcohol or other drugs – dead. If you don’t monitor how many millilitres you take with a syringe and a timer – dead.”

GHB is a drug which can cause sedation, loss of consciousness, or even death if too much is consumed. The difference in dosages between achieving a high and overdosing is minuscule, with measures smaller than a millilitre being enough to tip one over into unconsciousness.

G is well known as a popular drug at the afterparty scene, prompting his friends to ask, “Why do you need to sedate yourself in order to have a gay experience? Are you uncomfortable with doing gay things so you want to forget it? Do you want to do things sexually that you can’t do with a clear mind?”

When the guy compares his friends’ use of alcohol to get the same effect, they soon point out a few home truths. Check out the video for the full story.

For more information on GHB and methods of harm reduction if you intend to use it, check out this GCN story. 

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