Cora Staunton Addresses Sexuality Rumours, Comes Out As Straight

In extracts from her new autobiography, the Irish athlete opened up about speculation over her sexuality.

Image of Cora Staunton

Ladies’ Gaelic football star Cora Staunton recently addressed the rumours surrounding her sexuality in extracts from her new autobiography, which she shared with The Independent.

The Irish athlete, who has won four All-Irelands and three Ladies National Football League titles with Mayo, wrote about tackling criticism and dealing with negativity, as well as her own plans for the future.

In the extracts, the Gaelic footballer said:

“There were also rumours about my sexuality. I’m not gay but it was easier just for people to make the assumption. I learned quickly that I couldn’t control what they thought or said about me. It was wasted energy. Once my family and friends knew the real me, that’s all that mattered. That said, there were times when those rumours got into my psyche. I have really good friends who are gay, and looking back, my actions were unfair to them because of their sexuality.”

Hugh Lane

Cora Staunton spoke about the anxiety the rumours stirred in her:

“I was afraid to socialise with them in a gay club or a nightclub for fear that someone would automatically make an assumption about me. It was selfish, I know, but it’s the truth.”

The All-Ireland winner spoke about how her attitudes towards homosexuality and the LGBT+ community changed over time:

“If I’m being completely honest, homosexuality was something I found hard to understand when I was younger. I came from a small rural community and I didn’t know anyone who was gay. But then, you grow up, you evolve, and your ignorance goes away. I’m no longer worried about what people might assume.”

Staunton added:

“I’d like to meet a fella someday, get married and have children. I’d love that, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t. I have a great life as it is.”

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