Couple Go Abroad for Reciprocal IVF


An Irish lesbian couple who conceived through reciprocal IVF told Mums and Tots magazine that they were forced to travel abroad in order to start their family.


Actress Ranae Von Meding and Abbey Theatre stage manager Audrey Rooney told the magazine that they both always wanted children, having both come from large families.

Speaking of the couple’s decision to have Ranae carry the child using Aubrey’s eggs, Ranae told Mums and Tots magazine (highlights of which are reproduced here from The Sun): “In our mind, that meant that the baby would truly be a part of both of us.

“We had built our relationship on sharing everything and this would be no different. A 100 per cent team effort.”


The couple also said they opted for a sperm donor with similar characteristics to Aubrey to further solidify their bond. ““Quite simply, we asked for a male version of me. So eye, hair, skin, weight, etc,” Ranae told Mums and Tots.

After learning that the couple’s ‘cooperative’ pregnancy (often called reciprocal IVF) plans were not legal in Ireland, they began to look at options abroad. After researching the subject online the couple flew to a clinic in Barcelona that offered reciprocal IVF.

After two rounds of IVF the couple become pregnant and baby Ava was born earlier this year.

“Clinics are in limbo. If they do offer it (reciprocal IVF), they’re offering it in a void without any clear guidance from our legislators,” said senior clinical embryologist and director of ReproMed, Declan Keane, of the legislative ‘limbo’ surrounding reciprocal IVF.

“This field, this area of medicine, is rapidly evolving and with it comes those ethical and social dilemmas and the government needs to stand up on two fronts. One, give us regulation. We want it, the patients deserve it. Secondly, funding for IVF and fertility treatments should get some contribution from the public purse.

“One in six couples are in this position. We need help,” he added.

To read the couple’s full interview, purchase this quarter’s issue of Mums and Tots.

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