Cuppán Gay Global LGBT News Roundup: Wednesday

trump signing an executive order which is one of the stories in today's Cuppán Gay

Trump revokes LGBT protections, HIV vaccine breakthrough, George Michael’s funeral and more: the biggest international LGBT news in today’s Cuppán Gay


  • A scientific breakthrough puts a HIV vaccine “one step closer”. A weakened strain of HIV has been engineered to have an on/off switch by scientists at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This development would allow the virus to be spread throughout a person’s body before being ‘switched off’ after the host becomes immunised. (Pink News)


  • Trump Administration leaves LGBT people off the 2020 census. In a move which has angered LGBT rights groups, the 2020 census which had proposed including sections on sexual orientation and gender identity was amended by Trump’s administration to omit them. (Out)


  • George Michael’s funeral happens three months after the singer and LGBT icon’s death. The funeral had been delayed owing to the autopsy and coroner’s report which were required. Michael’s former partner, Fadi Fawaz, was seen rushing to the cemetery after 2pm on the day of the funeral. It is alleged that Fawaz was informed about the ceremony by a reporter, which prompted his hasty arrival. (Pink News)


  • A new study shows 21% of people in the UK would not attend or are unsure if they would attend a same-sex wedding. Another 11% of respondents would attend, but would feel uneasy doing so. (Attitude)


  • Trump signs an executive order giving federal contractors the right to discriminate against LGBT workers. The new order revokes Obama’s executive order which required companies to have complied with federal laws which prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender stereotyping or gender identity. (Towleroad)


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