Cuppán Gay Global LGBT News Roundup: Wednesday

Fadi Fawaz and George Michael smiling in a black and white photo, which is one of the stories in today's Cuppán Gay

Fadi Fawaz vindicated with George Michael’s coroners report, Paul Burrell’s 10 man orgy, Kim Davis avoids hundreds of thousands in legal fees & more: the biggest international LGBT stories in today’s Cuppán Gay


  • Princess Diana’s gay butler, Paul Burrell, is alleged to have had an orgy on the Queen’s yacht. He is alleged to have told The Sun that he had an orgy with as many as 10 men aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. Burrell’s agent Adam Muddle said that Paul “wants to talk about the scandal that happened on the Royal Yacht Britannia, which is where members of the navy were dismissed for being caught up in a gay orgy.” He also said: “It’s believed the Queen pulled him to one side and told him how disappointed she was and told him he had to get back on the right track and find himself a nice girl and become married.” (Pink News)


  • A Christian pastor in the Philippines says that gay rights are not natural rights. Chairman of Biblemode International Pastor Benny Abante, Jr said that he was not “condemning LGBTI” people but expressed concerns over inclusion of LGBT rights in a group created by The Philippines’ House Committee on Human Rights to tackle discrimination. (GSN)


  • Fadi Fawaz breaks his silence on former partner George Michael’s death after cause of death is confirmed. The coroner’s report confirmed that Michael died as a result of heart and liver problems (dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and a fatty liver) which put an end to the question of the involvement that drugs may have played in his death. Fawaz took to Twitter to say:”All the nasty comments, press and 999 were very cruel and unnecessary whatsoever, Now I hope to receive some real LOVE x”. (Attitude)





  • RuPaul says people who are anti-trans rights are “obsolete”. “We are moving forward into a place where the human race is expanding,” the drag superstar told TMZ. “The people who are against this kind of thing, they’re stuck in the 20th century. You know God bless them but we’re moving this way. If they want to go backwards, fine. But just know that they’re obsolete and they know it.” (GSN)


  • Kim Davis avoids legal fees of $233,058. A court has ruled that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will have to foot the bill for attorneys’ fees from court proceedings involving four couples who sued Davis. However, ACLU plan to file an objection. (Advocate)


  • Laverne Cox lands female role not specifically written for a trans person. Cox landed a role in ABC’s upcoming show The Trustee. She is set to play an ex-con who is tasked with doing tasks for the police to finish off her prison sentence. “So excited and grateful to be working on this fun new pilot,” Cox tweeted. This  comes weeks after CBS pulled the show Doubt, in which Cox played an attorney. (GSN)

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