Dancing With The Stars Ireland Supports Same-Sex Competing Couples

Unlike its UK counterpart, Dancing With The Stars Ireland would support same-sex dancing partners competing on the show.

Two of the judges from Dancing With The Stars Ireland behind their desk commenting on the competitors

Dancing With The Stars Ireland could prove to be a little more inclusive and open minded than its UK counterpart, Strictly Come Dancing, following news that two of its judges have come out in support of same-sex dancing partners possibly competing on the show.

Brian Redmond and Lorraine Barry both believe it is time for the show to include same-sex pairings. Redmond stated in an interview: “We’ve proved as a nation over the past five years how far we’ve come and how progressive we are. I think it would be interesting to see how the professional dancers would get it to work”.

Hoping to lead that charge is recent winner of the Domino’s All-Star Award and Dublin drag mainstay, Paul Ryder, who tweeted: “I’m coming for the floor. Whether I’m a star or not!”

Whether it does eventually transpire, at least it’s entertaining the possibility, which is already one step further than Strictly, who are adamant a same-sex couple will never hit BBC screens.

Dr Ranj Singh, This Morning’s resident doctor, speaking about his recent addition to the line-up said he would love to be partnered with a male dancer. The openly gay celebrity said: “I would value a time when same-sex couples could dance on shows like Strictly. It is incredibly important. We are making progress but I think there is still time to go.”

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There was a speedy response from the show’s producers immediately shutting down the possibility: “Strictly has chosen the long-standing ballroom dancing format of mixed-sex couples and at the moment we have no plans to introduce same-sex couples”.

Singh is not the first openly gay celebrity to compete on the show and similarly not the first to suggest a same-sex partner. Lesbian comedian Susan Calman, Rev Richard Coles and Judge Robert Rinder all previously expressed an interest in bucking the trend, to no avail.

While the jury is still out on whether Ireland’s show will become more inclusive, at least we know how the judges feel.

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