DC Comic's Gay Superhero,Midnighter, Will be on Grindr


The already-announced Midnighter series will show the hero living life as a single, gay man.


Spinning on from the Grayson series, Midnighter will be written by Steve Orlando. The comic will be part of a revamp of DC Comics.

Midnighter was created in 1998 for the comic book Stormwatch and made headlines worldwide when it was announced that he was gay.

In the following comic The Authority, Midnighter married his partner Apollo. They adopted another superhero Jenny Quantum shortly after their marriage. The comics often showed him going on dangerous missions but remaining unknown to the general superhero community.

The new incarnation of Midnighter will show him as a single man, having split from his partner Apollo, and out in the world as both an openly gay man and an openly known superhero.

“We were just talking to [Steve Orlando] about it — what he found most intriguing about the story is a single male character. We’ve seen Midnighter and Apollo together in relationships, what he wants tois to tell the story about a single male character, and ultimately, what is his place in this society? How is he working with others?” CBR quoted DC co-publisher Dan DiDio as saying.

Like any single gay man these days, Midnighter gets himself a Grindr account, Orlando told CBR.

“[…] he hooks up with a guy and is shocked to find out that he’s not frightened by the fact that he’s Midnighter. The fact that these things in his Grindr profile are not jokes.”

Midnighter follows the cancellation of Batwoman. Batwoman is to be cancelled this month after the writers lost interest in the character due to DC’s announcement that she would not be allowed to marry her long-term partner, Maggie. LGBT advocates are now praising DC for their commitment to LGBT representation.

The first issue of Midnighter will be released in June 2015.

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