Denise van Outen Slams Homophobic Tweet Aimed At James Kavanagh

After a tweet which described James Kavanagh as being "overtly gay", Denise Van Outen took to Twitter to defend the Ireland's Got Mór Talent presenter.

Denise Van Outen

We began this weekend with a tweet from Mother Ru that we never thought we would see… The cover girl tweeted as Gaeilge and we were gagged and shook.


This was in support of her BFF Michelle Visage who is a judge on Ireland’s Got Talent.

This weekend’s show starred a very impressive deaf choir from Cabra called the Deaf Tones, a dance troupe called Xquisite from Tallaght who vogued the house down, a drag act and a comedian.

Apparently, it was all too much for one viewer who was shocked by the diversity of the performances and the impact it would have on the youth of Ireland…


think of the children

During the show, she tweeted that her children were “so confused” by the “nonsense” on the show:

“My children were so confused watching this nonsense this evening. A man in woman’s clothes with a terrible act, followed by a gay so-called joker to an overtly gay presenter… The list goes on. It was awful.”

Denise Van Outen replied to a tweet from a TV3 producer about the comments saying “OMG! This woman is shocking” before responding to the woman directly saying, “Homophobia. Not a great example to your children”


James Kavanagh also responded to the tweet, which seemed to have targeted him in describing an “overtly gay presenter”.

He said: “You are foul. The fact that you have children is terrifying. Hopefully, they grow up to be absolutely nothing like you.”

This is not the first time James Kavanagh has fought back-lash with viewers labelling him as “too stereotypically gay”.

After a Late Late Show appearance, one viewer said he was a ‘disgrace to gays’ who ‘reinforces stereotypes and sets the gay agenda back 100 years’.

In response to this, “Damn it! I hate when I accidentally set The Gay Agenda™ back 100 years. Sorry Liam, sorry gays I promise to make amends. By Monday it’s business as usual for The Gay Agenda™: turn everyone into glittery drag queens (fave bit: THIS IS UNFORGIVABLE #SHAME ON YOU #RTE)”



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