Disabled Gay Man's Inspirational #Disabledjoy Hashtag Goes Viral

Twitter user Andrew's hashtag goes viral in an inspirational move to highlight the disabled experience


Disabled gay twitter user, Andrew (@menajew), created the hashtag #Disabledjoy to disprove the myth regarding the disabled experience. He tweeted, “There’s a common misconception that you can’t be Disabled and happy. That you can’t express joy, and if you do, you must not be hurting or Disabled anymore. I propose a new hashtag to empower us and show people otherwise: #DisabledJoy.”


Andrew’s tweet quickly became a huge hit, to date it’s been shared over 1000 times and like 4000 times. The hashtag itself went viral with people happy their community could be presented in a more positive way.

Andrew, who identifies as a queer man, went into more detail on his own condition in a follow up tweet, “In case you’re wondering, I have a severe chronic pain condition and bipolar disorder”. He also said his intention wasn’t to say that disabled people didn’t struggle or have hard times but there were many joyful moments that didn’t get recognition. He suggested to others, “Just share a moment when you did”.

His wonderful and positive message led to an outpouring from other people delighted to share their own moments. Twitter was flooded with celebratory stories of pregnancies, marriages, travels and the everyday triumphs of the disabled community.

“I’m here, I’m queer and I can’t hear”, read a tweet from queer user @rileypatt, while @anthrovqveer shared, “I’ve got so much joy and love to give the world and for the world to give back to me and my disability has never been a barrier to that”.


User @onebrightlight used the hashtag to highlight his own story, “Queer, HIV+, dysthymic, and cognitively impaired. Still here, still looking cute when I wanna”.


As Andrew’s hashtag continues to inspire disabled people to share their joy, we can be sure to hear lots more wonderful stories.

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