Spoof 'Tox Masc' Club Flyer Goes Viral

A spoof nightclub flyer satirising 'toxic masculinity' has gone viral for its spot-on take on the subject.

A flyer reading 'tox masc' against a blurry background

The poster/ flyer is so accurate it has been widely shared across social media, with many admiring the pillorying of its subject matter.

“Joe Butcherson and Guy Strongman present ‘Tox-Masc,” reads the advert, “celebrating the toxic man and male masculinity for men.”

The satire is so convincing that many readers didn’t recognise that the flyer wasn’t real until making it half way through the list of things supposedly taking place at Club Tox-Masc.

Tox Masc

The poster features an image of a muscular, tattooed man clutching a rugby ball. Below, the text informs readers as to what’s on offer at the ‘club’:

  • Leave your emotions at the door. Also $25 cover.
  • You say gender queer? We say “get outta here!”
  • Only the straightest go-go dancers taking your gay dollars
  • Midnight performance of guys punching each other
  • No drag queens, women or anything that represents them
  • 3 levels of shirtless muscle DJs playing the exact same songs sung by women of colour (no actual women of colour in attendance)
  • This weekend, and every weekend, somewhere! FOREVER.

The last line leaves the reader in no doubt about whether the club is real or not. “Club Generico, straight-owned and operated, voted for Trump.”

A quick Google Image search for ‘gay club flyers’ illustrates just how on-target the satirical advert is.

results of a google image search for ' gay club flyer '

‘Toxic masculinity’ describes traditional norms of behaviour among men that are associated with detrimental social and psychological effects. “Masculinity is real, natural, and biological,” summarised Advocate’s Ryan Douglas last year on the Huffington Post.

“Toxic masculinity is a performance invented to reinforce it.”

What do you think of the flyer? Is it a fair to criticise club promoters for giving the male members of the LGBT+ community what they want? If muscular men and the general vibe of toxic masculinity wasn’t a draw then surely it wouldn’t be such a common club night trope?

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