Disney Princes Strip to their Boxers for World Aids Day

disney hello boys

Artist and activist aleXsandro Palombo has drawn eight Disney princes in a semi-naked state, holding their junk in one hand and a condom in the other – all for World Aids Day.


The Italian artist came up with the Hello Boys project to target young people in the hopes of educating them on HIV and Aids. He believes that using familiar characters, such as the Disney princes, will encourage teenagers to practice safe sex.

“We live in a society that bombards us with explicit messages and this has radically changed the sexual habits, especially those of young people who often change partners nowadays,” Palombo told The Huffington Post, “People who have a relationship are younger and younger and they don’t use condoms.”[sic]

Palombo incorporated the Disney characters because they “represent the youth, beauty, love, the dream [and] the desire to live,” adding, “[…] I think that it’s up to the society and the community to do something to raise awareness, inform and educate.”

Palombo hopes to reach teenage boys in particular:

“For a lot of them the AIDS remains something abstract and so they underestimate the risks of contagions. There is a lack of education in the families also on this matter. Life is precious and we have to protect it every day. That’s what we have to teach to the youngster. And also remind them to always use condoms!”

He continued: “Life is wonderful and we have to live it fully and protect it every day,” he said, “That’s what we have to teach to the young people.”

See the boys in their ribbon-printed boxers below:

Aladdin from Aladdin

disney aladdin

Hercules from Hercules

disney hercules

Prince Naveen from The Princess and the Frog

disney naveen

John Smith from Pocahontas

disney john

Prince Charming from Cinderella

disney charming

Prince from Snow White

disney snow white

Li Shang from Mulan

disney mulan

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

disney eric

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