Donegal Priest to Vote Yes in Marriage Referendum

priest marriage referendum

A Donegal priest has said that he intends to vote Yes in the upcoming marriage referendum.


Gweedore priest, Fr Brian O’Fearraigh, has said that he doesn’t view the upcoming marriage referendum as a church issue, but as a civil matter and so he believes it doesn’t impact the Catholic Church.

Speaking to, Fr O’Fearraigh said, “I spoke to my Bishop earlier on this morning, we spoke about it, we debated the issue and I listened to him and he listened to my point of view […] He has made it clear what his teaching is and how he stands on it.” he said.

Fr O’Fearraigh revealed that he had recently attended a meeting on the marriage referendum which changed his mind.

“I left and thought this is about equality, and who am I to vote against any couple who wants to solidify their love, and to have their love for one another recognised by the state, who am I to vote against that?,” he said.

“In my considered opinion, and this is my own opinion, in my heart of hearts that come the 22nd of May that Brian O’Fearraigh […] will cast my vote based on what I believe in my heart to be true, and according to my conscience, and I will be voting Yes.”

In less surprising news, Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin announced yesterday that he would vote No in the upcoming marriage referendum.

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