Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne slams Divina de Campo for 'constantly discrediting her win'

Divina claimed that RuPaul didn’t crown her as the winner of the competition because she “didn’t fit the model that RuPaul likes”.

Drag queens The Vivienne and Divina de Campo side by side

Divina had recently told QX Magazine that RuPaul “likes people who are cut-throat and will smash your kneecaps in, in order to win – that’s not me.” This was in reference to The Vivienne winning the show instead of her.

After seeing the interview The Vivienne angrily tweeted, (sic) “Smash your kneecaps in, in order to win. I won that show Fair and Square”. She also accused Divina of “Constantly discrediting her win” and told her to “GROW UP”.

A fan tweeted at The Vivienne to suggest that maybe she should have messaged Divina privately rather than “popping off on twitter”. However, she responded saying “Don’t get involved in what you know nothing about.”

The Vivienne feels that she has had a “weight lifted” off her after confronting de Campo for “constantly discrediting her win”. She also said “I’ve never entertained fake friendships in my life. Not going to start now”. The Vivienne also apologised for making the argument public “saying she had to get it off her chest.”

The relationship between The Vivienne and Divina de Campo has shown signs of being strained and rocky in the past. An incident occurred in the Drag Race Uk werk room.

After Divina and the Frock Destroyers beat The Vivienne in the girl group challenge The Vivienne had a go at Divina’s most iconic and well-known look. She said, “For the past ten years, I’ve seen Divina in a red wig and a silver dress.” 

Divina was caught in the final episode giving The Vivienne a shady look as she was talking about being humble.

When asked about the incident she said, “I’ll leave that up to you, I don’t know if you think she’s been humble throughout the competition or not.”

Despite that comment, Divina insisted that the two were on good terms and if there was any animosity between them she said “Why would there be? She came here to play a game and I came to play a competition, and we did and we got the top two.”

Divina, as of this afternoon, has not publicly responded to The Vivienne’s comments.

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