Dragula - The Horrifying Drag Supermonster Show Hits Dublin

The Boulet Brothers' goretastic reality competition 'Dragula' brings some of its most incredible contestants to Dublin next week.

The hosts and contestants of horror drag show Dragula in a publicity poster

Dragula – the most deliciously depraved and disturbing drag competition ever hauls some of its most memorable and jaw-dropping contestants to Dublin for one horrific night of hellish entertainment.

For those who haven’t been formally introduced – the search for next drag supermonster is an underground phenomenon available on YouTube which will happily never be accepted by the mainstream as it’s just too damn disturbing.

Created by hideously glamorous duo The Boulet Brothers with the intention of highlighting the darker side of drag, the show pits a group of weirdos and oddballs against each other, all battling to claim the twisted Dragula crown.


Unlike a certain other, ahem, drag race, Dragula goes right for the jugular week to week with twisted tasks such as recreating the death scene for The Wicked Witch Of The West, turning themselves into Cenobites fit for Clive Barker’s legendary Hellraiser and, not only transforming into terrifying aliens, but giving birth to equally bizarre alien babies while doing so.

For the unlucky monsters who fall into the bottom each episode, forget lip synching for your life, in order to survive Dragula, they have to go waaaay further. Challengers have competed to see who can be pierced by the most body modification needles, been buried alive, ate pig brains and fought in a desert Thunderdome. All the good stuff, basically.

If you haven’t caught up with these scary monsters and super creeps yet, you’ll be delighted to hear there are two full series available to cram down and news of another on the way. For these freaks, it seems like hell is the limit.

Materialising in The Button Factory next Wednesday September 5, witnesses can expect to see supermonsters Victoria Black, Meatball, Vander Von Odd, Biqtch Puddin and James Majesty destroy the stage with a combination of putrid performances and ghoulish games all overseen by those beastly Boulets. 

Tickets for the most fun to be had this side of hades are available here.

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