Drugs 101 - Stay Safe This Pride

Take care of yourself this Pride. If you do intend to drink or take drugs, here's a few tips to make sure you keep yourself safe.

A closeup of someone taking a measure of the liquid drugs G from a bottle

We’re almost there – the biggest day on the Dublin queer calendar. For some Pride go-ers, those celebrations will include the use of drugs and alcohol. If you are intending to partake this weekend, be responsible and know all you need to know beforehand to make sure you have a safe Pride.

While of course the best way to protect yourself is to abstain from drugs and alcohol altogether, here’s some advice on how to party responsibly.


G has become ubiquitous on the queer clubbing and afterparty scene. Drugs.ie tweeted an infographic with information on staying safe, it includes the following:

. Always pre-measure your dose and never swig from the bottle.
. Don’t mix it with alcohol as it can more likely lead to overdose.
. Use low doses and leave long gaps in between or it can lead to unconsciousness.
. Never use it alone and only do it with people you trust.
. G will make you feel horny and lower inhibitions, so always carry a condom.

If you see someone who has ‘gone under’:
. Seek medical help if needed, don’t assume they’ll sleep it off.
. If you see someone overdosing, put them in the recovery position to avoid them choking.


It’s quite likely you’ve seen someone under the influence of MDMA / Ecstasy on the clubbing scene. If you’ll be partaking this weekend here’s a few tips:

. Stay well hydrated, but don’t overdo it as too much water can actually be dangerous. Sip about one pint of water per hour.
. Test dose a new batch – start with a quarter or a half pill, and give it time to kick in before topping up.
. Know your source as pills are usually cut with other drugs.
. Stay with people you know.
. Chewing gum can help with jaw cramps.
. Your inhibitions will be lowered and you’ll feel loved up, so practice safe sex.


Ketamine taken in a high dose causes hallucinogenic and dissociative effects, so the dancefloor is probably not the best idea for your first time. 

. Take very small doses as it is a very powerful drug.
. Due to hallucinogenic effects, moving about could be dangerous as you may not be seeing what is actually in front of you.
. Users can fall into a ‘k-hole’, so it’s best to be in a safe place around people you trust, who can take care of you.


Its quite likely there’ll be more than a few pints consumed over the weekend, so here’s a few tips on how to make sure you don’t get too wasted:

. Don’t top up on booze before you leave the house.
. Buy smaller drinks – have a glass instead of a pint, a single instead of a double.
. In between alcoholic drinks, have a glass of water or an alcohol free drink.
. Pace yourself, it’s going to be a long day.

So queer friends, this is obviously a far from exhaustive list and the safest bet is either abstinence or moderation, but it’s your decision, just make sure to keep yourself safe, we want you to enjoy Pride and remember it for all the right reasons.

For more information check out the man2man.ie website.

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