Dublin Company Uses Jenner image for 'Change' ad


A Dublin flooring company has launched a promotional billboard campaign featuring a picture of Caitlyn Jenner alongside the caption ‘Fancy a Change? #GetLaid the Hamptons way’.


The Hampton’s Floor Store billboard, spotted on Clonbrassil Street, shows a picture of Jenner at this year’s ESPN awards, reports Her.ie.

Responses to the advertisement vary on the company’s Facebook page. “You obviously want a media storm and publicity, but at the end of the day the truth is the only hastags that will be associated with you ad is #transphobic #epicfail and #disgusting ! In 2015 thats a PR disaster, congrats lads,” said one commenter.


“I just laughed out loud, yis r priceless!!!!!” said another.

“Many trans people are upset and disappointed by this ad,” said Gordon Grehan of TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland).

“After many years of lobbying by our community, Ireland finally legally recognised its trans citizens this year. In a more equal, inclusive Ireland, we hope that businesses using LGBT people in their advertising will do so in a sensitive, inclusive way.

“Hampton’s Floor Store’s intentions with this ad may have been good, but the execution is misguided and would have benefited from the input of TENI and the trans community.

“TENI is available to work with companies and businesses to help ensure that their practices, including advertising, are trans friendly. We can be contacted at (01) 8733575 or by e-mail.”

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