Dublin Drag Mothers Transform 3 Men Into Drag Queens

Pixie woo, one of the Dublin drag mothers, and a new drag queen on right putting not her wig

Dublin drag mothers Veda Beaux Reves, Victoria Secret, and Pixie Woo take three FACTS contributors under their wings to transform men into drag queens


Veda Beaux Reves, Victory Secret and Pixie Woo are Dublin drag mothers to three FACTS contributors in this Youtube video, as they prepare the men to become drag queens in the George where they go head to head in a lip sync battle.

“It’s big and exaggerated and flamboyant and out there and all the things that I am not, so I’m terrified,” says David Reilly the drag queen under Pixie’s tutelage.

“Tell me what kind of woman you want to be for tonight,” initiates Pixie.

“I want to embrace my emo, angsty…” David says.

“Well you’ve got the right Mother!”

Dermot Ward, Victoria Secret’s drag baby, says “I have been dressed as a woman, but I’ve never done drag.”

“What were you doing dressed as a woman,” asks Victoria.

“I have sisters,” Dermot clarifies.

Veda Beaux Reves, self-proclaimed “drag mother to the masses” has taken Ryan Cullen on as her drag baby.


Time To Beat


“I’m going to transform Ryan into a glamorous red-head,” Veda says.

“We’re going to block your eyebrows it means blocking them out, and we’re going to beat your face with my brush. Which beating means, you know, beautifying.”

The three men transforming into drag queens are a little reserved at first, as the drag queens begin the beautification process, but before long their sharp humour wins out as they begin to throw shade at each other.

“You’re going to be Becky with the good hair,” Victoria says to her protege.

“More like Becky with the forehead,” a shady queen hurls the not-at-all-veiled insult at Dermot.

“What a bitch over there,” Dermot exclaims.

“Just like her mother,” Victoria adds.

After the drag babies have had their faces beaten, they have to “tuck” – the process by which drag queens “get rid of” their penis’ by taping it out of sight.

The three new drag queens lip-sync for their lives but to find out who wins, watch the video below.



We caught up with one of the Dublin drag mothers, Pixie Woo, to see how she got on.


How did you find the experience?

The best part of the whole experience was freaking out the guys before we even started. Luckily I got paired with Davey who’s a massive drag race fan so he knew exactly what he was in for. I really threw him in a the deep end and put him in a pair of 8 inch heels, he would be my drag daughter if he wasn’t a bit wobbly on his feet.


What was the toughest part about it?

The hardest part about the whole thing was filming the transformation, drag queens are temperamental creatures and like a comfortable getting ready environment. The day we filmed was the most horrible humid day, so pair that with four pounds of makeup on your face, five pairs of tights and a small room filled with about fifteen people and you get three very sweaty drag queens. Not the most ideal situation!


Will you be a drag mother again?

I have two drag children already, my little lesbian babies, Mizza and Chanel. I adopted them about a year ago, unfortunately for them I’m the kind of mother that ends up on Jeremy Kyle trying to deny ownership of her children when they turn out to be sociopaths.


Who are your drag idols?

My drag idols are old school queens, queens like Jackie Beat, Divine, Coco Peru and Lady Bunny.


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