Dublin To Introduce Rainbow Crossings?


According to local Fine Gael members, introducing rainbow pedestrian crossings will make Dublin a more attractive tourist destination for the gay community.


Dale McDermott, a former president of Young Fine Gael, says the Ireland is now seen as a “beacon of hope” worldwide after it became the first country to introduce same-sex marriage by a popular vote – and what better way to celebrate and welcome gay tourists than with rainbow crossings in the capital.

An 18 page document has been submitted to Dublin City Council which suggests locations for the crossings. Proposed locations are Dame Street and Georges Street – near Ireland’s oldest gay bar, The George. The other locations include Parliament Street junction at City Hall and Capel Street outside Pantibar.


“The LGBT community has been welcomed with open arms by the people of Ireland and I feel that this would further bolster the support for LGBT people across Dublin city and the world,” said McDermott.

“Given the fact that Dublin is now viewed as a prime location for gay people, this will send a further signal that Dublin is welcoming to LGBT people all over the world. This would be good for tourism, good for culture and good for business.”

McDermott is yet to consult owners of the properties adjacent to the proposed crossings, Panti Bliss gave her seal of approval on Facebook.

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The proposal comes after new generated figures were released that show Ireland’s LGBT tourism sector could be worth as much as €843 million since the Yes vote – 17% of all tourism in Ireland.

If allowed, Dublin would be following other cities like Sydney, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

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