Ellen Confronts Chelsea Handler in Shower


The final episode of Chelsea Lately aired last night. As well as the host’s BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock appearing, Ellen showed up at an awkward moment to ask Chelsea if she had a problem with her being a lesbian.


We need to sit down: Chelsea’s A-list friends staged an intervention

Chelsea Handler’s “seven years of stupidity” came to an end, with the final episode of her E! show beginning with the 39 year-old comedian and host patting herself on the back. “I’m very impressed with myself, I’ve made great friends, a lot of enemies, and I have personally lost and gained 3,500 pounds”.

The potty-mouthed New Jersey native was about to be taken down a peg though – by some of her A-list buddies.

First up was 44 year-old Welcome to my Family actress Mary McCormack, who brought up Handler’s apparent alcoholism. “Now the closest I get to a vegetable is the potato in the vodka, I urge you to get help. So if you tell the world ‘I’m going to Netflix for a little while’, I think everyone supports you and everyone understands”.

Ageing-backwards-beauty Jennifer Aniston was up next – and she didn’t hold back. “Chelsea, you steal everything I do”, the actress started, “You’re not fooling anyone with those blue eyes, that was a brown eye and that was a brown eye”, she added while pointing to her ‘imposter’ eye colour. Jennifer also admitted that she could deal with Chelsea’s “foul smelling body” if Handler would only realise that she “couldn’t steal everything from her”. The actress has previously claimed Handler stole her yoga teacher and her chiropractor.

The iconic Sandra Bullock joined in on the intervention, armed with a box of props. Attempting to hold back her tears, she said “Dear George, your practical jokes are annoying…Oh sorry I copy and pasted this format from my Clooney intervention”. She re-started, “Our friendship is still relatively new, and you still scare me a little because I’m not sure when you’re being the funny Chelsea or ‘I’m having a psychotic break’ Chelsea”.

And then things took a wild (and wet) twist, when Chelsea is filmed taking a shower, only to be confronted by a fully clothed Ellen DeGeneres – who had a bone to pick with the hilariously inappropriate host. Ellen grilled Chelsea on why she had never been on invited on Lately in its seven-year run, pushing the completely naked host on whether it was because she was a lesbian. Handler responded saying she lived with a woman, “We share the same bed together nude while we binge watch Orange Is The New Black or Ellen“, she added.


The episode came to a close with performances from 50 Cent and Miley Cyrus, as well as singer Gwen Stefani, actor Gerard Butler and scorned woman Alanis Morissette joining for a singalong, chanting “Goodbye to E! It’s time to move on, she wants to sing. She wants to dance and get her groove on”.

Fans of Handler’s brand of humour fear not, a Netflix deal has been sealed, and the comedian will return to “the small screen, the tablet and the phone” when it airs the first Chelsea Handler stand-up special next month, with the streaming service’s first talk show fronted by Handler happening at a later date.

Stay tuned for the full video as we get it… 

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