Ellen DeGeneres' New Segment 'Oh Straight People!' Will Perk You Up On This Rainy Wednesday!

Straight people do the darnedest things!

The new elle degeneres segment graphic that shows a cartoon of Ellen in front of a newspaper with the words Oh Straight People beside her.

Ellen DeGeneres has launched a brand new segment on her eponymous daytime TV talk show, The Ellen Show, called ‘Oh Straight People!’

The new segment pretty much does what it says on the tin, ridiculing straight people when they do some pretty cringe-worthy stuff.

“Here’s how it works,” Ellen said. “I’m going to show you a headline that’s a real headline about straight people and then I say ‘Oh Straight People!’ and then I move to the next headline.”

Check out the first instalment in ‘Oh Straight People!’ below:

The segment was so popular, Ellen decided to share the second instalment in the series on Twitter earlier this week.



While some people thought the segment was “perfect”, others questioned whether a #ThatsSoGay segment would go down well with the LGBT+ community.


“Since it’s OK for gay people to mock #ohstraightpeople does that mean we can have #OhGayPeople or #ThatsSoGay. I bet that would be offensive,” one self-proclaimed libertarian tweeted.


Another gay Twitter user expressed their extreme anger at Ellen’s new segment saying that mocking people’s sexuality is just not on.




Some decided to join in the conversation by adding their own stories into the mix.

“Congrats on #ohstraightpeople, here’s one for you,” tweeted Chelsea J Cannon, linking to the headline: “Couple gets married at a Cleveland Browns tailgate”.


Then there’s that time Kim K shed some tears over her bikini photos, SorinHolland pointed out.

Another person tweeted wondered what exactly ‘husband privileges’ were in the modern world, asking “Is this post about anal? #ohstraightpeople”. The tweet was accompanied by an image declaring: “Boyfriends do not get husband privileges. The end.”

What do you make of Ellen’s divisive new segment? Have you ever come across anything that made you think ‘Oh Straight People!’? Let us know in the comments below.

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