Emerald Warriors Head To Bingham Cup Ahead Of Hosting The Union Cup 2019

The Emerald Warriors will be jetting off June 7th to compete at Bingham cup, the world championship of gay and inclusive rugby. Next year, the Emerald Warriors will hold the Union Cup hosting 50 teams from across Europe with an expected 1,500-1,600 participants.

Emerald Warriors group shot

The Emerald Warriors will be heading to the Bingham Cup which is a biennial world championship of all-inclusive rugby clubs which began in 2002. Bingham Cup is named in memory of Mark Bingham who tragically lost his life in the attack of 9/11. Mark was responsible for establishing two of the leading gay rugby clubs in America; The San Francisco Fogs & The Gotham Knights. Every two years, this event portrays Mark’s original philosophy in the celebration of equality & inclusivity. After Mark’s death, only 6 Gay rugby clubs existed worldwide, today there are now 74 participating clubs. The Emerald Warriors convey Mark’s original vision in promoting an all-inclusive environment and are honoured to represent the Republic of Ireland at this event.

Another successful season has seen the Warriors grow from strength to strength and we are delighted to have over 100 members making the trip with 3 teams playing in the championship. New Recruits this season have been fruitful, and have led us to relish a strong range of talents. That coupled with our excellent numbers at training has given us the ability to have 3 strong teams competing.

An outstanding win in February at Hadrian Cup has us hungry for another triumph at Bingham and we are certain to bring home some silverware for our steadily growing Trophy-cabinet. After 3 training sessions weekly over the last 3 months, we have seen players progress remarkably, from Scrums, Lineouts, Attacking, Defending & Reforming – all three teams are like a well-oiled machine ready for whatever Bingham throws at them. In addition to our players, we have a phenomenal group of Pavilion members who do outstanding work behind the scenes ensuring our players have the best possible training & progression. These members are a core part of our success and will continue their efforts alongside the players at Bingham.

The amalgamation of our determination, commitment & passion will drive us for the win, and we have no doubt that we will shine through at this Championship.

In addition to us participating at Bingham, The Emerald Warriors have the honour in hosting Union Cup 2019 supported by the IRFU. We will be hosting 50 teams from across Europe with an expected 1,500-1,600 participants. Union Cup is also a biennial tournament for LGBTQIA+ rugby clubs in Europe. Union Cup first began in Montpellier, France in 2005, where the Emerald Warriors were one of the first teams to compete out of 8. The tournament now boasts over 50 participating clubs.

After winning the bid to host Union in 2019, The Warriors have been committed to making this a very memorable tournament for all participants whilst giving them a warm Irish welcome.

If you’d like to become a warrior, find out how on their website.

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