Families Through Surrogacy Hold Second Annual Conference

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Families Through Surrogacy will hold their second annual conference in Dublin in March


Families Through Surrogacy will hold their second annual convention this year in Dublin on March 12.

Currently in Ireland, legislation neither allows nor bans surrogacy, leaving those who want to choose that route to parenthood in a legal grey-area which forces citizens to travel abroad.

The Irish Department of Health have announced that they will draft legal provisions to allow “altruistic domestic surrogacy” according to a press release from Families Through Surrogacy.

“Irish citizens have increasingly engaged in surrogacy in the UK, Cambodia and Ukraine. Canada, Greece and the US are other (more expensive options),” the organisation said.

“Laos & Kenya, markets  without comprehensive surrogacy laws, have recently started attracting surrogacy clients. With many countries tightening restrictions on surrogacy, it is vital that those considering this route to parenthood are armed with the right information and support.”


A Masterclass in Best Practice

The conference is “positioned as a masterclass in best practice” for those considering surrogacy, including same-sex couples and single people.

“Irish parents, their children and surrogates will share their experiences alongside some of Ireland’s and the world’s most experienced surrogacy professionals, including clinics, legal professionals and reproductive medicine specialists.

“The conference will bring together intended parents, surrogates and surrogacy experts from Ireland, USA, Canada, Ukraine, UK and South East Asia to explore the changing landscape and provide opportunities for networking and discussion.

“Options for heterosexual, same sex couples and singles will be discussed.

“A talk and tell session for explaining surrogacy to children, friends and family will be a feature.

“The conference is a once-yearly chance to learn first hand about surrogacy, and about how to minimise the chance of things falling over.”


Sam Everingham

Sam Everingham, founder of Families Through Surrogacy and gay father of two girls born through surrogacy, indicated the importance of an event like Families Through Surrogacy’s annual conference.

“The rise in Irish citizens accessing surrogacy abroad, coupled with recent changes in many countries, underscores just how important this type of event is,” Sam Everingham said.

“As a non-profit, promoting best practice is our aim. So we’re delighted to be bringing experts and parents together in Dublin to share their experiences and advice with all those trying to create a family.”

To book tickets to the Families Through Surrogacy convention, click here.

For more information about the conference, call John Duffy on 0877750347.

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