Faune's Music Video 'Waiting' Serves Up Sushi On A Naked Man

Sarah Byrne singing for Faune's new track 'Waiting' with a naked man covered in sushi

Irish duo Faune have just launched their new music video ‘Waiting’


Irish electronic duo Faune’s newest music video has just been released for their track ‘Waiting’ and both the song and the visuals are impressive.

“‘Waiting’ is a punchy up-tempo track with a juddering baseline, bright synths and big vocals by Faune’s lead singer Sarah Byrne,” a spokesperson for the duo said.

With crisp, gorgeous shots of Byrne and her bright lipstick, a tattooed naked man covered in sushi and Faune’s Will St Leger bringing a tray to Byrne in a kimono, the Japanese influence on this music video is visually appealing and well executed.

“The video was shot in Dublin by Taller Stories and it’s theme centres around the ancient Japanese practice Nantaimori (男体盛り) (serving sushi on a naked male).”

Musically, the track is on point, with lush vocals from Byrne and a killer beat that urges you to listen to the track on repeat.

The final visual of the track is the instantly recognisable Repeal lettering, which emphasises the band’s political stance calling for Ireland to Repeal the 8th.

‘Waiting’ will be available on iTunes and Spotify this Friday 21 October, but for now, check out the music video on Facebook or Youtube.




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