Fascists Fail To Block Path Of Budapest LGBT+ Pride Parade

A group of fascists from the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement unsuccessfully tried to block the progress of the Budapest Pride parade.

A group of male fascists holding a black banner blocking the progress of a Pride parade

A small group of fascists from a far right group attempted to block the Budapest Pride Parade from progressing through the city this last weekend. The men were from the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement – a homophobic and anti-semitic group who advocate for the unification of all ethnic Hungarians.

The Parade had attracted more than 10,000 people ready to join in a celebration of love and community, which made it all the more ridiculous that such a small group of homophobes believed they could block its progress. These particular fascists have a history of protesting Budapest pride celebrations, previously organising counter demonstrations and speeches against both the parade and pro-LGBT+ events. On this particular occasion, however, their plans were thwarted.

As the video shows, the men had linked arms whilst holding anti-LGBT+ banners and stood in a line across the centre of the road, attempting to create an immovable barrier. A Youtube video they created themselves stated that their members were “lurking among the marchers” and were protesting the event as “sin can not be the object of pride”.

As parade goers were confronted by the fascists, a small few decided to walk around them while others refused to be bullied from the route. A few of the parade goers argued with the group whilst others peacefully chanted, waved rainbow flags and played musical instruments in shows of retaliation.

Wicked Dublin MPU

A team of police soon appeared on the scene, spreading along the line in an attempt to separate the Pride celebrants from the fascists. Some attendees had initially reported feeling intimidated and threatened by the police presence until it became clear they had arrived to remove the obstructors. The authorities swept the men to the sides of the road, clearing the way for the parade to continue.

While the rest of Pride was a huge success, headlining act Conchita Wurst took a moment to mention the incident stating, “The rights of the LGBTIQ community are not where they should be. The people who went to the Pride and were on the verge of being attacked by right-wing demonstrators showed great courage, and I want to highlight this situation.”

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